This is colelction of urdu jasoosi novels, imran series, written by Mazhar Kaleem MA.

Most of us Pakistanis know how addictive are the Imran Series by the famous Mazhar Kaleem. I read his first novel when I was in 3rd grade and I am still reading. I have collected a large number of series over the years and am sharing for people like me. Consider it like our local libraries where you get to read one Imran Series for 1 rupee per day. Just that, instead of 1 rupee, you can pay in comments here.

All credit goes to Mazhar Kaleem MA. If you like his work, be sure to buy a copy so that you can keep it with you all the time and can read it whenever you like. There is nothing like reading actual book. But for those sticking to 1 rupee library, there you go.

You can download novels by clicking the links below.

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